90 Day Challenge

988634_10151458657622461_1747786887_n-1So tomorrow I start a 90 Day Challenge. To beat my friend in weight loss. This is something long coming. I’ve tried everything and anything to lose weight and to get to a healthy body.  I have been over weight my entire life. But this is the smallest I’ve been since I was 12. I used to be around 350 lbs. After a lot of work over the last few years, I have finally gotten down 300 lbs. YES. I know most of you think that’s disgusting. But this is a HUGE step for me. On top of all of this I became a Diabetic during this time, raped, almost lost my leg, and many other issues. I may be larger but I am still a very attractive woman. That is one of the reasons I have never needed to work as hard to change who I am and what I need to do. But enough is enough. No excauses, no more failure. I need this just as much as I need air or insulin.

So what’s the plan?d25389719f43e9d8943fcb02e6806a07

  • Healthy diet
  • T25
  • Walking/Jogging
  • Keeping accountable to a friend of mine
  • Blogging

I’m sure most of you understand all of these things (other than the blogging) But it helps me stay accountable. Ok Here we go. One last meal here we go. Tomorrow I will post my beginning stats.

Oh and encouragement for today? Listen to the Ewok.



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  1. Jennifer Madigan August 1, 2013 — 2:56 am

    I would say for me diet is the best way for me to lose or gain weight. Good luck and if you need more motivation just let me know and I can try to help as much as possible.

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