Day 1: Finally done…

ImageWhat a whirlwind of a day but day one down, 89 more to go. The most annoying part? wasn’t able to work out. Partly because of time but also my health. Just frustrating. But another day another chance.  Time to move on. So first thing we need to talk about are my stats.

Susanna’s Stats:

  • Age: 23 years
  • Weight: 305.5 lbs
  • Chest: 53 inches
  • Waist: 57 inches
  • Arms: 20 inches
  • Thighs: 27 inches
  • BMI: 44.349ac677baf0d9e6d5090bc6fd1683f28

Ugh. I hate each of those numbers. But today is a new day and a new life. Today food wise was amazing! My daily food budget is 2,142 calories a day. Grand total for today with Yogurt ice cream . . . 2,034. 108 under.

Super excited and happy about those numbers. But what next? Education. I need to educate myself on how to eat and take care of my body fully. I need to do this now or I will loose out on a full life. So I ask you my few readers for now… Where do I look for information? What do I need to learn quickly?

Quote for the day?  It makes me smile and couldn’t agree more with this man




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  1. Jennifer Madigan August 2, 2013 — 11:28 pm

    Good job Sus. Just keep trying. I know that they have classes through the insurance that you might be able to take. Would one of those interest you?

  2. Yes I have been thinking of that. Not sure what type I should take though is one of my issues. Another thing I am looking at is going vegeterian. Just with all of my medical issues lately.

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