Long Time No See


Well I know it’s been a while. Sorry, been an insane month. Long month. Heck of a month. I started the month out helping a couple out with there wedding. It was rather difficult for me to handle if we are being honest here.

It was supposed to be my wedding day. I worked the whole day, which helped but it was so difficult. The couple never know but I know it was what I needed. I needed to focus on someone else. I couldn’t let my day be wrapped around myself. My self pity, depression, self loathing, hatred, etc. 1236719_10151586916862461_1318103343_n

Boy oh boy. That was all day one. Then I was working hard on getting ready for a 5K that I was doing. But two weeks before I got super sick. I could barely move. Massive pain shooting up and down my body. Tears rolling down my face as I cried from pain.

It was so intense I could barely function. I went and helped my best friend and his wife move. When the pain attacks would hit, I had to stop could barely breathing. It was so draining when they would hit every few moments having to stop and not able to function.

Luckily I was finally starting to get better and able to do the 5K with my sister and cousin. It was amazing! We did the Color Vibe. It was such a great day. We did a 5K, I only had to stop three times for my pain attacks and most importantly we didn’t finish last!

I was shocked by that NOT LAST! Gosh that’s amazing. We did it in 1:09.23 such an achivement for a 300 lbs person. I am glad to finally get started down this path. Going to be a hard road ahead but damn i’m awesome and starting out strong.

Anybody have any cake?????




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  1. I love reading your blogs & wait for each one! I am awed by how you manage to power your way through the toughest of times & find the silver lining that can be oh so hard to find. I don’t have any cake, but I can try to think of a real nice one & try to send via ESP! Less sugar that way. LOL Love ya kiddo.

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