Where do I want to go?

1974167_10151908415697461_1324882645_oSo I have my seat belt and I am ready to go. But where the heck am I going?

I am finishing up my degree as a Digital Media Designer. I love my work. It is something I adore. But I go through thinking and wondering if I am good enough for this. I doubt it. I just want to stay in school where I do not have to be an adult. I can stay where it is safe.

I know exactly what is expected of me. I know when and how much time and effort to put into every detail. I know when I can push Work Place Communications back so I can work on my HTML5 or when to put HTML5 on the back burner to work on PHP.

This I can do easily. But the real world. The adult world is very different. Some days I am just so tired. Like today. I have been working for days and days on my website and I can’t get the php to work. It is a coding language that I am trying to use to send a form to me as an email.

But some days you need to roll with the punches and just deal with it. This past week we lost my Step-Grandmother on my Dad’s side and then my Great Uncle on my Mom’s side. So i just kinda pushed everything to the side to deal with people stuff. I am glad that I did but doesn’t make deadlines easier.

You know what. I am scared. I am scared of a lot of things. I am not sure what I am so scared of though. But I am. 4091ab35ee3ad7f28df3d64f05009240

You know you are all kinds of messed up when at midnight you choose to take a break to blog. It’s the little things in life right? Well I do enjoy blogging. It is relaxing and soothing for me. There are few things that can relax me this quickly. There is:

  1. Blogging
  2. Playing my PlayStation3
  3. Starbucks
  4. Hugs from my best friend or
  5. Talking to my best friend

What does everyone else do to relax? Ok Thought process is getting a little fuzzy. Time to nap I think. Hope everyone is doing well. One more day of finals and then Spring Break in Florida!



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