Project Unbreakable

1926680_10151972031167461_8231507872359950162_nI was on Facebook this morning, *Shocker* when I saw this video and I was just floored by it. The following is the about section from their Facebook page:

“The mission of Project Unbreakable is to increase awareness of the issues surrounding sexual assault and encourage the act of healing through art. Since the project’s conception in October 2011, it has featured over two thousand images of sexual assault survivors holding posters with quotes from their attackers.”

Now Project Unbreakable is about someone who has been Sexually Assaulted, they will take a pictures with a quote from their attacker or someone who has talked to them about their attack.

Something that caught my attention about all of this was how damaging those around them can be. Some are hurt even more by their “loved” ones than by their attackers. I have been blessed with close people in my life that I can turn to. But others are not so lucky.

When I am having bad days where I can’t even get out of bed, they are there. Most of my closest and dearest of friends live rather far away.  That is a blessing and curse some days. It allows me to be come without letting them in to far. But some of them know me better than I know myself. Where one can call me up be stern and tell me what I need to hear without me getting upset of feeling lost.

I can never thank them enough for what they do for me. But, this blog is another form of release for me. It allows me to hold up that sign every day and heal just a little bit more. Will I ever be fully healed? I doubt it. Can we every fully erase something from us? Something that controls our every being? No. A close friend of mine told me the other day: “We are defined not by what has happened to us. We are defined by what we choose to do about it.”

Check out Project Unbreakable.


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