14 Thoughts for the past 14 Days

Thoughts (in now particular order) that I have thought the most in the last 2 weeks:

  1. I have to pee, seriously didn’t I just pee?
  2.  I’m hungry. But I won’t eat, I’m not going down those stairs for anything.
  3. Where did I put my *blank*? I am always losing everything. I should stop nesting.
  4. Oh Netflix… and another WWII Documentary it is.
  5. I am so thirsty, I’m sure I would pee less if I drank less. But i’m still thirsty.
  6. Salad. Who craves salad seriously? That’s all I want. Ok maybe some chicken would be nice too.
  7. So being laid up isn’t all bad. I get to stitch right?
  8. Stitching is too exhausting. How can needle and thread be exhausting? Seriously? How old am I?
  9. I am 25 years old right? I swear I am 80 let me check with my body, yup 80 for sure.
  10. I should ask mom how old I am. She still says I’m 25. Can she be lying?
  11. My leg hurts, when was the last time my leg didn’t hurt?
  12. I should eat, but i’m not hungry. But I could still totally go for a salad, strangely enough.
  13. Looking at my leg asking my self “Will you ever work right again?”
  14. I have to pee.


Now Tell me your top 14 Thoughts in the last two weeks


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  1. Do I have to adult today?
    Need more coffee!
    I wonder if I should start to “chew” using coffee grounds
    When will these customers quit swearing at me?
    Can I go home?
    I don’t want to adult any more.
    Work is over….sweet…glad I’m an adult so I can drink a beer.

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