16 things for 2016

12471926_10153179857727461_6242876815643285532_oHappy New Year everyone!

Last year was an amazing year for me. I got engaged to my soulmate, come through so many struggles and found out who I really am as a person. I am a person who adores lists. Honestly it’s kinda a passion for me. So for this year I am not doing a resolution per say, but I am setting new things I want to experience this year.

  1. I want to be able to say that I stitched for 366 (it is a leap year) days this year. 1935067_10154649493144848_6947922208488339353_n
  2. Complete a coloring page one for every week, I love starting but never finish them.
  3. Post on my blog at the very least monthly.
  4. Save $1343.22 to put towards a large purchase item we would like. (see minion for more info)
  5. For every pound I lose this year I will be putting $1.00 into a envelope as well to be added to our big ticket item.
  6. Lose 55 pounds this year. I am starting off the year at 304.7 pounds. This is the smallest I have been in a very long time. I am hoping to be 250 pounds by the end of the year.
  7. Eat six dinners a week at home from scratch, wither it is mine, my mothers, or my mother in-law’s to be cooking.
  8. Get a job, this is rather important not only on a financial level but on an insurance level as well. I will be bumped off my parents insurance in the beginning of June. It is very important for me to have insurance.
  9. Build my Portfolio and work on my free lancing clients. I love doing smaller projects for others.
  10. Learn how to bead. I think it looks like a ton of fun and would love to learn. 10615477_1111791265526243_5206797559676025654_n
  11. Plan the wedding, including but not limited to: talking to the lady who will be making the jewelry for the wedding, finding the dress, guest list, take a few engagement photos.
  12. Learn how to do my own makeup properly.
  13. Learn how to walk in heels without falling, ok I want to learn how to walk in general without falling as well.
  14. Learn how to bake properly. I can cook rather well, baking on the other hand not so much.
  15. Drink enough water everyday, with only 3 cans of pop per week.
  16. To be happy, healthy and joyful.

Those are my 16 challenges for this year. I hope to keep up and work on them.



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